For many years my son and I have played a game we call “clickypedia.” He’s 14 now, so he can no longer sit on my shoulders, or behind me on my office chair, or even on my lap. But we still play once in a while.

We started out by just clicking around on Wikipedia, looking for interesting subjects, occasionally making an edit. At some point he suggested we try to get to another specific topic by following links. Later we would start at the Wikipedia main page and see how few links it would take to locate the topic of choice, alternating at the mouse.

Collaborative Clickypedia Rules

  • The players agree on a topic
  • A browser tab is opened to the Main Page
  • Players take turns clicking links to get to the topic
  • Six Clicks is considered success, fewer is better

More recently it’s become a competition…

Competitive Clickypedia Rules

  • The first player chooses a Random Article as the topic
  • The random button can be clicked no more than 5 times
  • Two additional browser tabs are opened to the Main Page
  • Each player controls one of the tabs
  • The second player clicks a link in his tab
  • The players alternate until the topic is located
  • The winner is the first to locate the topic (no ties)
  • Each click must be completed within 60 seconds
  • All clicks must land on a Wikipedia page
  • Clicks to locations withing a page are not counted
  • Text search within a page is allowed
  • Browser back and forward navigation buttons are counted
  • The reference target page can be viewed during a turn
  • No others sources are allowed for reference

In keeping with the original game, a “time out” is called when an interesting subject is discovered that requires exploration. The click clock is stopped and a new tab is opened to the topic. Once the tab is closed play resumes.

A variation on the collaborative game exists where one player tries to get to the topic and the other tries to move away from it. This was originally a bed time avoidance subterfuge, but is also good fun.


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