Satoshi Finch

Reading the Newsweek story on Satoshi Nakamoto today I was struck with the same feeling I had when reading the Sports Illustrated story on Sidd Finch (see page 76) in 1985.


Not because I believed it to be a hoax. When I read the SI story I believed it, we all did. It was crazy and exciting and kind of a bummer when we learned it was an monumental April Fools joke. The Satoshi story is equally enthralling because, like the SI story, it perfect. It’s a story that actually exceeds the expectations of the improbable legend that Satoshi has become.

In this clip he continues to deny any involvement. As the 400 millionaire locks his door he selects a reporter to talk with based on the fact that the reporter is offering him a free lunch. Maybe this is not him, maybe it’s a hoax (sure doesn’t seem like it). But we’re really enjoying it, so Mr. Nakamoto please just keep denying it (and here’s a little something for your trouble). Because as soon as you stop the hoax will have been revealed.

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