Free to speak your mind?

I was sued under the Lanham Act about ten years ago. We published serious security vulnerabilities in a competitor’s product. These were later confirmed by CERT (network wide privilege escalation, network wide remote registry attack, log spoofing). It was dropped after a year.

What a pile of dung this law is, trampling basic First Amendment protection of free speech by attempting to draw a distinction between speech and “commercial speech” – a distinction that the Constitution does not make or allow:

Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech…

After eliminating commercial speech, political speech, artistic speech, terror speech and hate speech, what sort of speech do we imagine is left?

The point of free speech doctrine is to prevent words, or more specifically ideas, especially the distasteful, from being criminalized. Navigating the arbitrary maze of speech regulations currently requires a law degree and a crystal ball.

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